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The best things in life are simple. Fresh ingredients and succulent spices wrapped in tender Canadian wheat dough – our approach to good food doesn’t get much simpler than that. From our grandmother’s cookbook to your family’s dinner table, Grandma’s Perogies are a convenient, wholesome meal that’s ready in minutes.

Perogies & Pelmeni:
An Old World Tradition

Most people are familiar with the warm, comforting taste and aroma of Polish and Ukrainian perogies, but there are actually many kinds of European dumplings that have been mealtime favorites as far back as the 13th century. Russian Pelmeni is one such variety and are very similar to perogies, but feature thinner dough and thicker filling. When Eastern European immigrants migrated to the United States and Canada towards the end of the 19th century, they brought with them many of the Old World traditions, including authentic recipes for these delicious dumplings.

A Comfort Food Enjoyed by Everybody

Nowadays, people on all continents enjoy perogies and pelmeni for their convenience and satisfying home-cooked goodness. Grandma’s Perogies are available at your local supermarket and make a nutritious, easy-to-make lunch, dinner or anytime snack. With a fantastic selection of flavors to choose from, our authentic Old World-inspired perogies and pelmeni are sure to please even the pickiest eaters.


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What started out as a handful of our grandma’s favorite recipes soon blossomed into a company that feeds families across the United States and Canada.

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Make the Old World tradition part of your family’s next meal with our tantalizing selection of chicken, beef, pork and vegetable perogies and pelmeni.

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Grandma’s Perogies make a wholesome, home-cooked meal in under 15 minutes. Learn how to perfectly prepare these delectable European-style dumplings.

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From Tradition to Table: Unraveling the History and Convenience of Grandma’s Perogies Pelmeni in Canada and the USA 

Welcome to our culinary voyage of the delightful world of pelmeni – the iconic dumplings that have delighted taste buds for centuries. Explore the fascinating history of pelmeni and the art of cooking these delectable treats. Take a step back in time to uncover the origins of pelmeni and discover the cultural significance of this beloved dumpling, showcasing how it has become a cherished culinary tradition. 

How to add some extra flavour to your favourite perogies?

A Hidden Story Behind the National Perogie Day Each year on October 8th it is a special day for Grandma`s Food Family. Today we are celebrating the joy and deliciousness of National Pierogi Day! A unique holiday that is not yet a legally recognized national holiday but exists in all sorts of calendars. Pierogi is an Eastern European region’s food according to its origin. But researchers still haven’t found the roots to the history behind this day. There is very little information about when exactly it came into being, who […]

A Day of Celebration: National Perogie Day

October the 8th may not strike you as a momentous day in world history. However, here at Grandma’s perogies, it is a day that is very close to our hearts. Today is National Perogie Day. This date is a reminder to us of why we do what we do: for the love of perogies!

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