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Ukrainian Perogies
Ukrainian Style Perogies

It all started with a handful of grandma’s most beloved recipes. We would often think back to those glorious days being called to the dinner table, where a heaping plate full of lovingly handcrafted perogies were waiting for us, ready to be enjoyed by our eager tummies. Those memories are at the heart of our story.

We wanted our family and friends – and their friends – to be able to enjoy our grandmother’s dumplings, which is why we founded Grandma’s Perogies back in 1999 inside a small factory in Toronto, Canada. People enjoyed them so much that we were able to expand into the United States with an additional branch in Buffalo, NY. Maybe it was because we use only the highest quality ingredient or maybe it was because we put the same care and effort into our perogies and pelmeni that our grandma did, but demand continued to grow rapidly, allowing us to modernize, upgrade and increase the output of our Buffalo plant.

In 2013, we consolidated our operations under our Buffalo facility to better streamline production and distribution, which has helped us continue to price all of our products competitively – without sacrificing quality. Today, our authentic Ukrainian, Polish and Russian-style perogies and pelmeni can be found in the freezer section of many leading grocery stores all across the USA and Canada.

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    Since 2005, Buffalo SAV Inc. has been making mealtime more accessible by offering a wide selection of authentic frozen perogies and pelmeni to stores all across the United States and Canada. Combining old Word recipes and the freshest ingredients available to us, our company remains committed to providing high-quality products that fully comply with both American and Canadian food industry regulations.

    Grandma’s Perogies™️, Grandma’s Foods™️  and Slavic Bazaar™ are Buffalo SAV Inc. trademarks.

    If you have any questions regarding our products or would like to inquire about distribution, please call us or use the online form on this page. Thank you for your interest in our products!