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How to add some extra flavour to your favourite perogies

Posted in Recipes, on 7 October 2022, by , 1 Comments

A Hidden Story Behind the National Perogie Day

Each year on October 8th it is a special day for Grandma`s Food Family. Today we are celebrating the joy and deliciousness of National Pierogi Day! A unique holiday that is not yet a legally recognized national holiday but exists in all sorts of calendars. Pierogi is an Eastern European region’s food according to its origin. But researchers still haven’t found the roots to the history behind this day. There is very little information about when exactly it came into being, who proposed it, and why October 8th was chosen of all the days in a year. We will find a clear history behind it as soon as the researchers find some evidence. What we know for sure is that perogies deserve their little holiday, the perfect day for you to enjoy it!

The Known Facts and Modern Trends

One of the few known facts is that the first National Pierogi Day was celebrated in 2009. This traditional Eastern European dish has become one of North America’s most popular food items. Food, in general, is a significant part of human life. Modern trends lead people to celebrate special days related to beloved things. This applies as well to foods and beverages. Isn’t it a perfect occasion to try some of the numerous flavors from Grandma’s Perogies?


Reimagine Your Favorite Perogies

Wherever you are going to celebrate Pierogi Day, we prepared something special for you. Be sure that you can find the pierogi that suit their tastes with us. From simple, Potato and Onion to perogies stuffed with rare Salted Farmers Cheese, to sweet and tangy Sweet Cherries Perogies. But today, Grandma`s wants to treat you with something that will adorn each of these. We are presenting you with our special sauce recipe!


Grandma`s Alfredo Sauce Recipe

An excellent way to celebrate National Pierogi Day is to reopen your favourite dish by adding something new to it. We propose you to expand your favourite perogies deliciousness with tasty Alfredo sauce. As you know, perogies is super easy and fast to cook. Today is your chance to experience how simple it can be to make a delightful sauce! Alfredo Sauce pairs well with our salty-tasted pierogi, but feel free to experiment and try it with any of our products. We bet you will be surprised by how exciting food’s colours can be!


  • 1-2 shallots
  • 500ml 35% cream
  • Handful parmesan cheese
  • 1-2 knobs of butter



Fine chop the shallots and sauté them off in butter until golden. Add the cream and cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Add in the parmesan and whisk in it until thick.

Tell us how you like it on social media, and feel free to share your recipes! Happy National Pierogi Day from Grandma’s Food Family, and stay tuned for more!

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  1. Mary

    Can the perogies be air fried and where do I find the nutritional information
    We love your perogies

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