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Quick and Easy Pelmeni Delights from Grandma's Perogies for Busy North American Families

Posted in Recipes, on 15 December 2023, by , 0 Comments

Welcome to our culinary voyage of the delightful world of pelmeni – the iconic dumplings that have delighted taste buds for centuries. Explore the fascinating history of pelmeni and the art of cooking these delectable treats. Take a step back in time to uncover the origins of pelmeni and discover the cultural significance of this beloved dumpling, showcasing how it has become a cherished culinary tradition. 

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How to add some extra flavour to your favourite perogies

Posted in Recipes, on 7 October 2022, by , 1 Comments

A Hidden Story Behind the National Perogie Day

Each year on October 8th it is a special day for Grandma`s Food Family. Today we are celebrating the joy and deliciousness of National Pierogi Day! A unique holiday that is not yet a legally recognized national holiday but exists in all sorts of calendars. Pierogi is an Eastern European region’s food according to its origin. But researchers still haven’t found the roots to the history behind this day. There is very little information about when exactly it came into being, who proposed it, and why October 8th was chosen of all the days in a year. We will find a clear history behind it as soon as the researchers find some evidence. What we know for sure is that perogies deserve their little holiday, the perfect day for you to enjoy it!

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Steamed Korean dumplings Mandu with chicken meat and vegetables

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A Traditional Food for the World

Here at Grandma’s Perogies, we don’t claim to be making anything avant-garde. Instead, we are using the tried and tested recipes of our ancestors. In doing so, we’ve come to realize that the basic formula for perogies has been used for centuries in many corners of the world.

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Polish Pierogi Plate

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A Brief History of Perogies in the US

While the origin of perogies is debated, in America, the food has a strong connection to Polish tradition and immigrants. Settling in the northeast and Midwest, immigrants from Poland started arriving in the United States in the 1900s, with a big wave of immigrants coming around the time of the Second World War. Originally, perogies were eaten at home by Polish families, but soon they were being consumed by locals with their popularity being driven by charity fundraisers in the 1940s. By the 1960s perogies were in supermarkets’ frozen food section across the US and Canada. Today, the culinary traditions Polish immigrants brought with them remain, but perogies have also evolved in unique ways suited to American tastes.

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