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National Perogie Day

Posted in Recipes, on 7 October 2019, by , 2 Comments

October the 8th may not strike you as a momentous day in world history. However, here at Grandma’s perogies, it is a day that is very close to our hearts. Today is National Perogie Day. This date is a reminder to us of why we do what we do: for the love of perogies!

While traditionally considered the food of the peasants, today perogies have come to be recognized as a gem. Perogies are regularly cooked, in all their forms, in Eastern Europe. Though the true origin of perogies is shrouded in mystery, it is fair to say that many Eastern European countries have reclaimed it as their own. From as far East as Siberia to the Western tip of Ukraine, there are people who treasure the perogie as their traditional food and a customary dish. Interestingly, today we celebrate National Perogie Day as marked by the United States calendar. It is thought that perogies were first introduced to the Western Hemisphere by Polish immigrants in the 1900s. These immigrants settled in the US and Canada, and brought with them a rich history and perhaps an even richer culinary skill set. The perogie recipes of their forefathers came with them carefully preserved.

A History of Perogies in the US

It wasn’t long before the rest of the continent jumped on board the perogie train. Perogie restaurants popped up across the country, serving both Eastern Europeans and non-Eastern European customers. By the 1960s, frozen perogies were available commercially in supermarkets for everyone to consume. Today, Americans consume a whopping 31 million perogies each year. That’s a testament to just how delicious, versatile and popular they have become over the years!

The World Loves Perogies

It’s not just Americans who have come to love their perogies. Canada doesn’t shy away from its adoration of this dish. In Glendon, Alberta you can find a 27-foot fibreglass perogie, complete with a mega-size fork and all. This 6000-pound giant is one of the greatest testaments to perogies in the world.

Celebrating National Perogie Day

There’s no right way to celebrate this day of delicious treats. In fact, you don’t even need a National Day to celebrate perogies. Whiting, IN celebrates perogies in a grand way each year with its Perogie Festival in July. And the Pittsburgh Pirates have a “perogie race” at all their home baseball games. This all goes to show that even before the recognition of a National Perogie Day, the perogie had become a beloved American and Canadian food.

But, we’re all the more happy that the perogie has been recognized with its own special day. You can celebrate National Perogie Day with a plateful of your favourite perogies, whether sweet or savoury. It’s up to you!

Not all perogies are created equal. The best ones are crafted with an extra serving of love, dedication and a grandma’s touch. If you’ve got a Polish grandmother at hand, then count yourself among the lucky ones. If not, don’t despair. Grandma’s Perogies is here to give you all that and more. From sweet delicacies to savoury nutritious meals, our line of perogies will satisfy all your needs and cravings.

Happy National Perogie Day to all of our fellow perogie lovers!


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