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Exciting Launch of Our New Line: Grandmas Food

Posted in News, on 17 May 2018, by , 1 Comments

We have an exciting announcement to make! As you might know, in Canada we started off as Grandma’s Perogies, providing a variety of frozen perogies and dumplings in local supermarkets and grocers. This year, we are expanding by introducing a line of products we already had available in the US. We want to say a big thank you to our loyal customers who love our products.  It is because of your continued support that we have had such success abroad and are now able to bring new products to Canada!

Our new line will feature frozen main course and breakfast items – a continued exploration of eastern European cuisine. Our aim with all our products is to make delicious, home style food accessible to anybody who wants to try a new and authentic cuisine, just like locals would eat at home. Like our perogies and dumplings, these are traditional, family recipes that capture the essence of hearty comfort food.

The new line, Grandmas Food, will include the following products:

  • Chicken Cutlets
  • Stuffed Chicken Cutlets with Beef and Mushrooms
  • Stuffed Chicken Cutlets with Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeño Peppers
  • Breaded and Stuffed Chicken Kiev
  • Lula-Kebabs with Lamb with Chicken
  • Potato Knishes with Chicken
  • Sweet Cheese Pancakes
  • Sweet Cheese Pancakes with Cherry
  • Puff Pastry Dough

These flavourful dishes are quick and easy to prepare at any time of day, for any occasion! We use wholesome ingredients and carefully prepare the foods to bring you only the best quality and taste. Check the freezer section of your local grocer to find Grandma’s Foods on shelves, available now!

See products available in Canada

    1 Comment

  1. Erica Brown

    Hi. I bought some of your pelmeni at a Russian grocery store in Minnesota where I live. My mother-in-law lives in the Buffalo, New York area and I told her about your products. She was wondering where she can find them. She lives in East Amherst. Are there any grocery stores near her where your products are sold? Do you sell your products at Tops or Wegman’s?


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